Monday, November 22, 2010

GOD shows up at GC Fall Concert

Koko T. - Illinois 
Nikki T. - Illinois
Sophomore Students  @ WC
Choir Members & Tour Coordinators

Choir, you all did awesome and God really blessed it all! Thank you to all our Leaders, helpers and GC prayer partners! Uncle Jeff and the Band, you guys are the best! So blessed to be a part of this family 

Love you guys

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Concert - Lord You're Mighty

Ryan T. 
Sophomore Student @ WC 
Choir Member & Publicity Manager 

Whats Up Family? How Are you Doing?

The Choir is doing well, as we continuing to balance the responsibilities of being a student. Just a Couple weeks ago, was the midpoint of the semester, which concluded quad class and also entailed midterms for full semester classes. So we back to the normal flow of school, work, friends, and everything else thats apart of the college experience. 

Anyway on a less boring note, we wanted to announce our fall concert is coming up November 13! Mark you're Calendars its going to be a great time of Worship, Praise, and Diversity in Christ! The Concert Will be held at 7:30 (doors open at 7pm)  in Coray Gym, 421 Chase Street, Wheaton Il, 60187. Tickets are $3 for our Wheaton Community ($5 at the door), $7 off Campus tickets, $5/person of groups of ten or more, and everyone under 10 is free. 

Tell Your friends, and family! We have a lot of cool surprises planned so stay tuned! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

And the TOUR Location is...

Nikki T. - Illinois
Koko T. - Illinois
Sophomore Students @ WC
Choir Members & Tour Coordinators

After a lot of prayer, God has truly showed us that our destination for the 2011 Gospel Choir, Spring Break Tour will be taking place in South FLORIDA!!!!!!

We will be touring churches in primarily the Naples and Ft. Lauderdale area.  We are looking forward to visiting with GC family and doing a ministry project.  We are also excited and can't wait to see how God is going to act throughout this tour.   He has already blessed us so much.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Car Wash Fundraiser

Holly M. - South Carolina 
Junior Student @ WC
Choir Member & Fundraising Coordinator 

Rain.  The worst thing to happen on the day of a car wash.  I woke up with great expectations, but by time we started shuttling people over to our location, the dark line of clouds forming in the morning sky was a bad sign.  Rain came down in torrents and the event I had been planning and stressing over for weeks was in an instant cancelled. Best laid plans, right?  But God had a plan - He always does.  I needed to give this event over to him, along with my apprehensions and worries about it.

Rescheduling.  Two weeks later, a new day, a new sign-up sheet, and new participants. And sun!  Praise God for clear weather this past Saturday, October the 2nd.  Although it was a bit chilly, the choir members helping were such good sports and were so enthusiastic about the event.  About 30 members of the choir participated in the event during both a morning shift and an afternoon shift.  Jobs included washing and drying cars, using the hose to sweep away the soapy suds, holding signs in the Jewel Osco parking lot as advertisement, and directing traffic towards our event.  Many cars were washed, and an off-duty emergency vehicle even stopped by for a quick wash!  There was signing, and laughing, and good fellowship between the choir, and we were shown multiple kindnesses by members of the community.  Our first customer even returned later in the day with a different car for us to wash, which really blessed and impacted me that day.  Our first fundraiser of the year was a success thanks to so many members of the cabinet and choir, with special thanks to the Wheaton College Physical Plant for the use of hoses, and Jewel Osco for use of their parking lot.  I am so proud of this choir, and the things we can accomplish when we work together!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back and Fired up! Gospel Choir Retreat 2010

Ryan T - Michigan
Sophomore student @ WC
Choir Member & Publicity Manager 

The 24th anniversary of the Wheaton College Gospel Choir has already come and we're already six weeks into the year! Orientation busyness is over, Choir Auditions have passed, and just this passed weekend we completed our annual fall retreat. This past weekend was filled with hours of singing, learning new songs, fellowshipping, and praising God with Gladness and joy. 

Leaving Wheaton approximately 6pm friday, fifty-plus students left on a bus to travel out 45 minutes away to Glenwood School, where we'd be staying for the duration of the retreat. Glenwood is a school where boys and girls live sunday night till friday after noon; we arrived to their campus just hours after the children went home for the weekend. Tanya Egler, the Choir director used to be a house parent at Glenwood as thus through her we had the connection to use their facilities during the off ours of the weekend. 

Friday Night We spent time in worship and practice of the songs we learned previously in practice. We also welcomed our long time friend  Uncle Jeff! Uncle Jeff is Tanya's brother and Tiffany's uncle. We Call him Uncle Jeff be cause he's like our Uncle too! :D Uncle Jeff was the guest director for the weekend and as always he teaches songs with his signature passion, involving vigorous hand and body motions to conduct us "how to sing." With out fail he teaches all four parts of the harmony, singing soprano, alto, tenor and bass! One of the things he always stresses is, " sing like you mean it," therefore, project your voice. He also emphasizes opening your mouth wide for better diction, and most importantly sing the gospel like it is the Good news, that it is--it's all about the message of Jesus Christ! Not only does Uncle Jeff direct the choir he also teaches the ministry of step, which is similar to dancing, but it's origins come from Africa and slavery as a means of expression. During retreat some of the choir members learned a whole routine, filled with choreographed steps, claps, and stops, as well as biblical chants that flow with the rhythm.
Saturday we woke up, ate and began another day of practice and learning new songs. Later in the evening we had a family meeting in which we talked about our goal for choir as a whole as well as participated in some team building games, in that time we learned and shared some pretty cool ideas about community and the idea of using the choir as a tool for the kingdom of God. Following dinner that night we spent another time in worship and prayer, as well a time of communion with our prayer warriors--friends of gospel choir who pray for us through out the year. After Saturday's events we're refreshed and ready for the church service ahead of us.

Sunday we woke up bright and early, packed up and left to go to Batavia United Methodist Church of Illinois, to minister a selection of songs we had learned on the retreat. This is an annual event as it is the Church that Rodney Sisco (the director of the Office of Multicultural development) belongs to. We sung both services, and performed the step ministry in the second service. It was a great time! Both Tanya and Uncle Jeff pulled the best out of us and we all collectively enjoyed praising God though this rejoicing sound. After the service the church invited us the basement for lunch and afterward we loaded up to go back to Wheaton, in which we arrived around 3pm to follow a night of homework.  ;) 
Singing At Batavia

Uncle Jeff
Step Ministry Practice in Glenwood Gym