Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 4: A Little Louder

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! Today, I think has been the craziest day of tour yet! (In a good way). Early this morning, some of the choir (myself included) went to sing at a K-8 Christian school!
We took the bus to the school! It was fun!
We went to Daystar School!
We got to the school and they told us that they had no guitar amps. So, "Gospel Choir: Unplugged" happened! Our musicians are super flexible and are just the best.
Sam Cho poses awkwardly when I tell him to "smile!"

We sang a few of our songs, like "This Little Light of Mine" and "Freedom"to get the kids up and dancing. Then, we sang one of their favorites, "My God is Awesome". At the school, the kids were taught sign language with songs because it would help them to read. So, I did my best to pick up the sign language while we were singing. It was super fun and overall, I think that we all felt really blessed by the children and the hearts that they had for God.

The children of Daystar School!
Since we had extra time before we had to be back for our workshop, the next event of the day, we took our time and walked back down on Michigan Avenue. The weather was beautiful-around 60-70 degrees, and we all enjoyed our lovely walk!

We got back to the hostel where we are staying and then proceeded to have our workshop with the Voices of Praise Choir from Baldwin Wallace University. Joining choirs with them was incredible. We learned new songs that were so powerful. We all definitely felt the holy spirit work mightily in the  middle of the hostel where we were practicing. We probably looked crazy to the people who were watching us, but I think it's amazing that we can worship God out in the open and that we don't have to hide our faith. We can sing in the middle of a hostel in Chicago with people that we just met that day and God will make his presence clear and touch everyone's hearts. I don't think that any of us will be forgetting this afternoon anytime soon.

Praising the Lord in a common area of the hostel

After praising, dancing, and lunch with our new friends in the choir who were so sweet to us, we had some free time! Woo! During this time, I got to go to the Bean with a few friends!
My "artsy" picture of the bean- look at those clouds!
The afternoon was nice and restful, considering what a busy morning we had. Soon, it was time to go to dinner at an alumni's house! They were SO sweet to us and they hosted us in the penthouse of their apartment building. Look at how nice it was!
the beautiful view from the roof!
They ordered a nice dinner for us, including the best guacamole I've had in a long time and some amazing freshly grilled chicken. They were so sweet and I can only hope to be somewhat near as generous as them in the future!

After that, we worked on our step routine for tomorrow. It was challenging but I think that we can do it! Today has been a revitalizing day that was overall a 10 out of 10. God is working in us and through us and fulfilling his purposes for his glory. Hallelujah be unto the Lord!

-Sarah Cam

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