Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 4 (Tuesday): I Just Want to Be in Your Service

Day 4 (Tuesday): I Just Want to Be in Your Service

As a member of Tuesday’s breakfast crew, I reported to the kitchen at 7 a.m. with several other still drowsy choir members to help scramble eggs, cook bacon, make a pot of grits, mix pancake batter, and boil sweet tea as the sun slowly rose behind the misty trees outside. To their credit, the breakfast crews for days 5 and 6 started work at 6 and 5:15 respectively, so my group couldn’t complain about an early awakening. Every morning, however, Dennis, one of our faithful hosts at Victory Mountain Camp, cheerfully greeted the choir with a humble smile to direct us in a soft Southern accent through the kitchen’s maze of extra-large pans, ovens, and spoons. His love for Christ spills over to the whole choir in many practical ways, and we thank him for his hard work, encouraging words, and kind spirit present with us throughout the week.

Choir members with North Raleigh Christian
Academy students after our concert
After cleaning up breakfast, we drove to North Raleigh Christian Academy, who fed us a generous Southern lunch before we sang for a full auditorium of energetic students. One of the joys of tour besides singing ourselves is being joined by other young believers and getting to meet them. After this concert in particular, several students joined us on stage, encouraging us with their joy whether dancing or chatting. They took interest in the Wheaton College brochures that we often have available when we sing at schools, but we enjoyed their presence regardless of the possibility of meeting potential future choir members.

In appreciation of Victory Mountain Camp providing housing for us, we’ve been helping get the grounds ready for this season’s campers. On Tuesday, this included up an outdoor sheltered stage and worship area. Some used leaf blowers, some swept or mopped, and a few adventurous people learned to control an unwieldy buffer machine to clean the floor. Many of us carried boards up the hill to put up in the barn loft, which had the benefit of visiting its inhabitants including rabbits, goats, chickens, and pigs. Satisfyingly tired from a day of singing and physical labor, we built a campfire on the lakeshore that evening for a refreshing time of s’mores, music, and laughter before settling in for the night.

We praise God for the sweet fellowship we experience through His name, whether within our own group, with our hosts, or with the people we sing for. Even if the results are not always immediately visible, it gives me joy to play a part as God builds together His church to declare His praise.--Nina

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