Thursday, May 18, 2017


We started our adventure for the day by visiting the Wheaton College Concert Choir and by watching them perform at Yonsei University! After they performed and we said our “hellos” we went our separate ways. We then went to lunch in the dining hall, where the seating was random, but we ended up finding some tables together.

Afterwards, we made our way to Baeksuk University and had a workshop with some of the students there! It was a very worshipful and exciting time to be able to sing some Korean and English together. Their band was also super awesome!

Baeksuk University fed us a massive buffet-style meal with rice, japchae (Korean-style cellophane noodles), beef, soup, kimchi, salad, fruit, and sandwiches! It was amazing, to say the least! Then we performed our first concert here in Korea by singing at an evening church service at Baeksuk University! Although the college students may not have understood all the words we were singing, they were still able to worship with us! God was definitely there with us! The university’s worship team also sang some, and they were great!

Although we were all very jetlagged (since it was our first full day), God’s presence was evident!

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