Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Traveling to Seoul!

After over twenty-four hours of traveling, Gospel Choir has safely arrived in Seoul, South Korea! We praise God for bringing us here, and we look forward to the next two weeks of meeting new people, bonding with each other, making music, and worshiping! Here’s a photo summary of our journey.

We transported ourselves with 35+ suitcases to O’Hare Airport with a little bit of time to spare for hanging out and playing card games before catching our 13-hour flight to Japan.

And we’re off!

A two-hour layover in Tokyo gave us enough time to explore Narita Airport and snap a few pictures before taking off again for Seoul.

And at last the weary travelers touched down in Seoul, our final destination, where Ms. Tanya (our director) and Stephen (our president) and other leadership were waiting to joyfully receive us.

Notice Stephen, Dr. Kim, and Hee-Jung busily conferring in the last picture, as the choir is heavily indebted to them and very appreciative of their hard work (along with the rest of our leadership, staff, and cabinet!) in making sure everyone was safe and all the details in order for as smooth a trip as possible. We praise God for His faithfulness so far and we’re excited for what He has for us in the next two weeks!


  1. We are happy to hear of your arrival and to see the photos. We are praying for you.

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