Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 1

Dear Friends,

Greetings from California! We arrived in this land four hours ago. First thing off the plane one of the guys (Joel) burst out, "Look! Trees with leaves on them!" All of us were so pleased to come away from the harsh Illinois winter for a time. 

We got on our bus and spent our ride ogling the mountains and palm trees. I have never seen mountains so huge or a sunset so orange and golden. 

We unloaded at our first destination: Ecclesia Christian Fellowship Church in San Bernardino. We practiced some songs with our directors Miss Tanya and Uncle Jeff. We were tired from travel, but so joyful to be safe and in California that our praise was energised and fun. 

Tonight after a meal of pizza we shall sleep on the floor of the church. Tomorrow morning we will sing at an eight o'clock church service and at a concert in the evening. 

Thanks for following along. Thanks for your love and prayers.

-LucyRose (Gospel Choir Log Keeper)

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