Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 3

Dear Gospel Choir Devotees,

Today was packed with experiences. We all woke up in the homes of the gracious families who hosted us. We congregated at 9 in the morning and eagerly exchanged stories of soft beds and kind people. Our host families were amazing. They'd never met us and they had no reason to be so generous to us, but they prepared beds and food of us as if we were their own relatives. 

We bused straight over to a small Christian school called New Covenant Academy. We got to interact with the kids, playing volleyball and joking with them. The concert we gave them was full of energy, because the kids themselves were energetic and passed it on to us. The first grade girls in the front row danced with us and melted our hearts with their cuteness. Miss Tanya managed to convince one brave young man to lead us in the song "How Great is Our God". 

After our time with the students we drove to a park. We swarmed onto the playground and returned to our little-kid selves. Some people swang on the swing set and others spun each other on a merry-go-round until they couldn't walk straight. Others, like me, lay on the soft grass and revelled in the sunlight. 

Our bus next took us to the house of choir member Kaley's home. Her lovely parents fed us a great meal. We then gave a concert at their church. We squished together on risers and tried not to hit each other during choreographed songs. We improvised a rendition of Amazing Grace and I personally was touched by the sweetness of the small crowd who came. 

Today I was also really excited about being a part of this choir. We praise the Lord and spend hours on buses together. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ and I am blessed to be a part of this group.

Lucy Rose
(Hanging out with some kids at New Covenant Academy)

(David and Nate before the concert!)


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