Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gospel Choir Tour 2014 Begins!

Greetings from the Wheaton College Gospel Choir!

We are packed and ready to embark on our 2014 Spring Break Tour to California. In a few minutes we will board a bus here in Wheaton, which will take us to the airport. We will spend a week there singing at churches, schools, on buses and hopefully on beaches.

We plan to document our journey here on this blog so follow along to check our progress! Laura and I (LucyRose) are Freshmen members of the choir and we will be blogging every day if we can manage it.

Please pray for our safe travels and provision throughout the trip. We will post more when we get to California!

LucyRose on behalf of Wheaton College Gospel Choir


  1. Yaaaaay LucyRose & Laura! So privileged to tour with u ladies this week! God's already gone before us and we re gonna be amazed! Thanks for taking the time to bring others along on the journey through our blog. LYWTLOTL! GC LOVE!

    Your Ms. Tanya

  2. 'So glad to be able to follow this blog - 'praying for you all! Joshua Savidge's gram

  3. It looks like California is a land of TRAFFIC as well as gold, trees, etc. When you stand on a street corner, how can you tell you're in California and not in Illinois, Rhode Island, or Moravia? Will anybody post any video of your performances, like on YouTube, or on this page? How was the night on the church floor? How is California pizza? With lots of love and prayers, your fans in the Czech Republic…. p g t