Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 7

Dear Friends of the Choir,

Today was a beautiful day of rest. We sang at the high school of our beloved fellow-choir-member Catherine Anne. We had fun leading the kids in upbeat worship. We know they had fun too, because they insisted we continue singing and even joined us on stage to sing and dance with us.

Afterwards we were driven to Mission Beach in San Diego. We spent the afternoon lying on the beach. We talked, slept and tanned. We grit our teeth and ran squealing  like wild things into the ocean and let the waves toss our bodies around.

Many of us built a huge sand volcano together with seaweed lace spilling out of the top. It was really ugly. We also buried David (nicknamed Thor) in the sand and entitled the piece "Thor's Day at the Beach" as we had sculpted the sand covering him into the shape of the bulky Norse superhero.

Now we are having dinner together. We are crispy and sunburned with sand in our ears and clinging to our arm hair. We thank the Lord for a day of rest after a week of traveling and aerobic praise (actually I think Aerobic Praise could be the next big workout fad after Zumba).

Goodnight Gentlefolk,

P.S. Day 6 is coming soon. We have not had internet access.

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