Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally Arrived! Tour 2011

Jerard W. - Chicago, Illinois 
Junior @ Wheaton College 
President & Pianist of WCGC 
Third Year member
(Left to right) Jerard, Phil, and Daniel wait for the 9am flight
with along with fellow GC peers.

     The Wheaton College Gospel Choir has finally touched down in the beautiful state of Florida. After an early morning trip from Wheaton, 58 of us are here in Ft. Lauderdale and ready to get this tour started, and it already has. After arriving at our host church, New Hope Community Church, we disbursed into our host homes, but a small portion of the choir went to be a part of a birthday celebration at Rhema Word International Ministries. Through step ministry, gospel rap, and some awesome jams from the band, we were able to celebrate with them and eat some really good food at the same time. Tomorrow we will return to Rhema Word for their morning service, from which we will also be doing an evening concert at New Hope. This is just beginning, and now that we are all rested up, we are ready to give God the praise He deserves, minister to His people here in Florida, and have a little fun too. 

Goodnight everybody!

Palm Trees, Green Grass, and sitting on the curb.
Jerard reaches for the sky as the weather in  Fort 
Lauderdale is surely a change up from Wheaton. 
It was 31 this morning in Wheaton and snowing, 
Fort Lauderdale was in the mid-70s today.

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  1. We are having a great time with the choir down here at Jocelyn's home church.

    Here are some photos on Facebook:

    or if you are not on Facebook, they are also on my web albums here:

    - Dan Cooke, member of New Hope Community Church