Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Lapse of the Catamaran

Ryan T. - Southfield, Mi
Sophomore @ Wheaton 
Choir Member & Publicity Manager 

       So its ridiculous early right now, and I may or may not have have stayed up until now? :? Today, was one of our off days of tour, here in Florida. Today we spent the day on the ocean riding on a Catamaran! Fun for sure... We spent time hanging out, talking, swimming, and simply just relaxing. Here's a little time lapse Video I made of our experience.. Hope you enjoy. 
Today I was supposed to edit video of some of our past performances and experiences but I had a hard time with After Effect and Premiere Pro in the editing process... The documentation of the past few day will be up soon! Promise

Don't for get to tell your people about the blog ;)

In Godspeed 

Heres the vid:

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  1. God is so sweet - enjoy the journey!