Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Inside Look: Liz S. & Kaitana A.

Liz S. - Washington Dc
Senior @ Wheaton
Major: Comm. Media studies

     For me, Gospel Choir has been a place of truly worshipping God through musical expression. Coming from a background of musical performance in both church and school choirs, I have been encouraged and challenged in choir not to make perfection the focus, but rather to offer a genuine and excellent sacrifice of praise to our Father God while inviting others to join us. The love that we have for God individually overflows to one another and unifies us as a choir and a community. I really enjoy both the times of deep, contemplative worship and joyful celebration as I lift up my voice with my friends to praise the Lord Jesus! The best part of Gospel Choir is that it is a group of believers surrendered to Christ, humbled by His grace, and excited to exalt the mighty God we serve through beautiful music and a lifestyle of praise.   

Kaitana A. - Bolingbrook, IL 
Junior @ Wheaton
Choir Member & Choir Secretary
Major: Math education

     Gospel Choir has been a place for people to come to be with family. I was first introduced to Gospel Choir my freshmen year at freshman worship. What drew me to them was how diverse it was. It was a beautiful representation of the body of Christ. Being in choir has been a great way for me to know great people on this campus, who have continued to bless me life in a way that I would never want to replace. 

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