Monday, March 7, 2011

A Quick Video

Phil C. - Southfield, Michigan 
Tenor/BassSecond Year member

     There was an air of incredulousness about the choir as we stepped into New Hope this afternoon to find a vast plethora of goodies ranging from Hot Dogs and Burgers to Spaghetti salad and about 15 different casserole dishes. I was full because it was about 4 o clock and I had already eaten roughly about 3-4 meals already, but nevertheless I decided to delve into the food once again. On the short trip from the door to the line I was lavished with the Churches positive affirmations and general spirit of good will. By the time I had my food I was in a fantastic mood and found myself in the most comfortable of spirits. Eventually Service began and we began to sing, it was our first official concert and I was eager to regain the vigor from tour last year but I had to focus on the right now. The right now at the time so happened to be a short background story about a younger member of the congregation who was terminally ill battling with cancer. We were told that he would come on stage and we would sing for him. I was a lil shook up because Several members of the choir including myself have had some upsetting experiences with people they knew passing from cancer. Tears were shed on that stage by some members and I unexpectedly began to connect with not just the kid who we were introduced to, but with the entire church and my fellow choir members who I am getting to know better day after day. I took that emotion and I threw it into my worship and while the crowd was at times quite passive from a kinesthetic point of view, They were not shy in their praise afterwards going so far as to invite us out to go to Haiti and visit their ministry and sing in the future! I didn't realize till later how much that affected me till I heard the sermon that the pastor had preached and when I saw the love with which he talked about their ministry in Haiti I was honored that he would think us worthy to help plant and grow the seed of Christ in the children that were over there suffering. 

After the Concert we went back to the house, (After a pit stop at Mcdonalds where we got tricked into singing, and a Walmart run soon after that) and hung out with our host family who we love and adore already even at this point of the trip and I consciously made the decision to let this tour stand in its own spotlight and not compare it. Because I realized that each tour has a special way that it works through its participants and I would be a fool to restrict its impact to just being as good as last years. I honestly can't believe that this is just the first day of tour and I am literally BEYOND excited for not only the impact that I can have on others but also the impact that others will have on me. I don't know a lot of the newer members of choir but already I sense the attitude and heart throughout the entire Choir. However all my talking really can't express the feelings I have as well as the video below does so watch, enjoy, and revel in the lords grace like I do every time I hear our choir sing this song. :-)

Phillip Charles Carr III

When I think about the Lord Snippet


  1. May the Lord bless your time in Florida - sow precious seeds of hope in all hearts you encounter. God be with you. Make sure to post again for all the folks back home praying for you! It is a sweet sound to our ears.

  2. Mr. Phil!! Thanks for sharing :) That's a powerful story. I can't wait to hear everything else that God does. I'm praying for you all!


  3. Thanks for the update, Phil! It warms my heart to think of all that God is using you guys to do. Keep living for Him! You're all in my prayers. Blessings.