Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Inside Look: Haley H.

Haley H. - Williamsport, PA
Sophomore @ Wheaton 

     There are days when I feel like I'm the only one who's struggling, days when I'm completely surrounded by people, but still feel so alone.  The level of intimacy and trust that I've found within gospel choir has been a constant source of affirmation in my life that, depsite all of the lies that get thrown at me on a daily basis by other people, the media, and even my own messed up head, has assured me time and time again that I am never alone.  The willingness that I've found within other members of gospel choir to expose their own insecurities, tear down the fronts that they build up, and lay their deepest struggles on the line in front of everyone has been such a blessing and has helped me stay grounded on what is real and what is truly important, especially in a place where there is a constant pressure to appear to have it all together.  Coming in as a sophomore transfer has made it especially hard to find a little niche for myself within the Wheaton College community, but joining the gospel choir has provided a place for me to fill.  Every member of the choir is vital and needed, and what a blessing it is to belong. 

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