Friday, March 11, 2011

Live Web Streaming of Gospel Choir at First Baptist of Fort Lauderdale

Tiffany Egler
St. Charles, IL 
Assistant Director

Hey everyone!

               I just want you all to know that we'll be part of First Baptist of Fort Lauderdale's morning service; this Sunday at 10:30 AM EST. We are so excited to worship the Lord with them, and the church will be livestreaming the service from! If you are unable to watch it during that time, it will still be up for a week after the service. Thanks so much for following up with us and supporting us as we journey through the rest of our tour!
FBCFL Main Sanctury

Much love, 

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  1. What a beautiful time of worship you all brought to Fort Lauderdale representing - may you travel back to Wheaton in His protection and joy for serving well. Thanks for sharing your tour with us!! It was great to see and hear through this blog. Blessings upon each of you and His perfect rest tonight!