Monday, March 7, 2011

An Inside Look: Michelle L.

Michelle L. - Whitinsville Massachusettes   
Freshman @ Wheaton 
Gospel Choir Member

     Hopefully you have been able to hear gospel choir sing “I Am Free.” This one song has been the theme song of my gospel choir experience so far.

What first drew me to gospel choir is the freedom and pure joy I found when I attended a gospel choir worship night at school. The choir did the dance to “Jesu Christo” and “There’s No One Like.” I grew up in a pretty conservative church so dancing while singing worship songs was a new concept to me. But as soon as the crowd got to dance with the gospel choir, I felt so free as I danced! I had never felt so happy singing a worship song and moving my body in a way that was also glorifying to Him.

Once I joined gospel choir I was confronted once more with my conservative roots. I wasn’t sure if I really fit in. But then Tanya prayed something I will never forget. In her prayer she said that we were all coming to Christ just as we were. It hit me so hard that God wasn’t expecting me to be charismatic; He was just expecting me to worship Him with my whole heart, no matter what it looks like. The freedom I felt was so overwhelming, I couldn’t help but cry. I had made expectations for myself that I thought I had to follow, but instead God just wanted me to worship Him just as I am.

This freedom has given me a chance to grow in God. I’m not as worried with how I appear when I’m on stage. Now I’m more focused on worshiping Him alone. 

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